Brent Burns Indications Autographs for Kids at Disney After Being Misinterpreted for A Pirate

Sharks defenseman Brent Burns traveled to Disney World with his household right away after the 2016-17 season ended. Little did the Hockey Chewbacca know, kids would be requesting for his sign, but not because he’s one of the very best hockey players on the planet.

” We did a fantastic household journey to Disney World,” Burns stated to the media as caught by the Sharks Twitter account. “We normally go to Disney Land, so it was a great deal of enjoyable to go there. Got to fulfill a long-lost cousin. Chewie was excellent!”.

Burns, who is a child at heart, dressed up in an outfit together with his kids. The 2017 Norris Trophy-winning defenseman used a pirate’s hat and a bandanna around his head while his boy painted on a beard and put eye black around his eyes.

” I, in fact, signed a couple autographs in kids’ books,” Burns stated. “They believed I was a pirate! I signed them. It was enjoyable. We constantly attempt to dress up and enjoy daily there, so cannot blame the kids for believing that.”.

I might certainly see how the incorrect identity might have taken place. Burns’ worn-down beard and missing out on teeth are really persuading.

” [I’ve been] squeezing every lost leave of [the summertime], that’s for sure,” Burns stated. “It’s been insane but it’s enjoyable. Provide the household time to capture up, be a father, and return into that. Prepare for next year.”.